LT. SHRI BENU SEN [26TH MAY 1932 – 17TH MAY 2011]
Welcome to the photographic world of DIGIFOCUS. It situated at BARRACKPORE OF WEST BENGAL. A welcome tendered warm and white, with our works that hope to offer photoaholics refuge in the recluse of summer night, and sleepy retreat to the winter sun. Happy journey!

DIGIFOCUS was fiddled with newfound muse, where the great Benu Sen, the photo artist, initiated the institution in May’ 2009 to the secrets of the trade. It was his inspiration, relentless training, and spiralling confidence in the sleight of camera, that eventually spun the world of photos around the institution.He affiliated to us in Federation of Indian Photography. In 2011, our learning curve hit a purple patch as we were honored best INDIAN CLUB at CHHAYAPATH INTERNATIONAL SALON. Recently our members Mr. Subrata Adhikari of "DIGIFOCUS"has been selected as the "FIAP Bronze" on behalf of 31th Black and White Biennial - SPAIN (Palma de Majorca)" , Miss, Oindrila Daas won the PSA GOLD (BEST OF THE SHOW), Mr. Subrata Adhikary also won the BEST HUMAN INTEREST at 11th P.A.B. INTERNATIONAL BIENNIAL.

We already hosted a national salon, two International Salons and an International Circuit as well.

Fixed Dimensions

Images with fixed dimensions
  1. Lost Harmony

    Abhijit Dey
  2. Freedom

    Surajit Barua
  3. Touch of Love

    Oindrila Daas
  4. Hope

    Subrata Adhikari
  5. Urban Bathing

    Raghu Ranjan Sarkar
  6. Helpers

    Jayanta Kumar Sinha
  7. Chained Childhood

    Pranab Basak
  8. Street Buds

    Anjan Kumar Kundu
  9. Sand Players

    Sujit Sarkar
  10. Summer Bathing

    Pranab Basak
  11. Peeping

    Abhijit Dey
  12. Reflection

    Subrata Adhikari
  13. Procession

    Chiranjit Das
  14. Return Home

    Pranab Basak
  15. Morning Mist

    Deepak Kumar Dey
  16. Final Destiny

    Prabir Chakraborty
  17. Oasis

    Subrata Adhikari
  18. Horizon

    Partha Sarkar
  19. First Light

    Anjan Kumar Kundu
  20. Bugial

    Partha Sarkar
  21. Diversity

    Ashis Guha
  22. Grasshopper

    Raghu Ranjan Sarkar
  23. Baby's Call

    Atanu Ghosh
  24. Warm Up

    Abhijit Dey
  25. Kingfisher

    Sankari Roy
  26. Shoppers Stop

    Oindrila Daas
  27. Har Ki Pauri

    Deepak Kumar Dey
  28. Colours Of Gangasagar

    Abhijt Dey
  29. Dream

    Sonashis Chatterjee
  30. Table Top

    Jaya Manna
  31. Heavenly Playing

    Abhijit Dey